P3/PPP Advisory Services

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Our technical advisors have acted on over $50 billion dollars worth of Public Private Partnership (P3/PFI/PPP) projects globally
We work with conventionally funded capital projects every day of the year, we also work with existing assets and have advised clients on a variety of strategies to support their objectives. Public Private Partnerships are one approach which can be very effective – or very dangerous, without good advice and guidance. That’s where we come in.

WT Partnership has successfully supported clients through each phase of the project development lifecycle. From developing the commercial foundations of a robust and bankable bid, through management of construction, operational commencement and even asset disposal, our highly experienced team comprehensively guide clients to their best commercial outcome.

With experience founded in developed markets such as Canada, Australia and the UK, we have seen a hugely diverse range of approaches to P3. We work as an integrated practice to capture the data and the perspective of each market to advise clients.

In the past, we worked with Government (from municipal through to federal), we’ve opined on technical risk for lenders, we developed detailed cost and schedule bids for Design-Build teams. Uniquely, we are the most rounded team in the market. Our portfolio shows no bias to Public or Private, and this is essential.

To bid a strong transaction, you must understand the public sector perspective. To define a successful procurement, you must understand the private market.

What we do

Our range of services include:

  • Owner portfolio review, program development, and strategy
  • Project structuring, transaction management, and support
  • Design and Build bid support services
  • Lender’s Technical Advisor (LTA)
  • Financiers’ Certifier / Engineer
  • Independent Certifier, Reviewer, Verifier
  • Forensic Schedule Analysis, Analytics and Delay Assessment
  • Dispute Resolution & Expert Witness
  • Independent Commissioning Agent
  • Operational Phase Reviewer
  • Facilities & Performance Management
  • Project Recovery
  • Term Renewal Management

Our Clients

A variety of our clients include:

  • University of California
  • Infrastructure Ontario
  • Partnerships British Columbia
  • City of Edmonton, Winnipeg & Moncton
  • Victorian Government, Australia
  • Infrastructure Alberta
  • Western Australian Government, Australia
  • Various NHS Trusts, UK
  • Private Consortia
  • Lenders, Equity Investors and Ratings Agencies


WTP’s team has a delivered a broad range of P3 assets including:

  • Affordable Housing
  • Mixed Use Higher Education
  • Sports Stadia
  • Convention and Entertainment Centres
  • Hospitals and primary health care facilities
  • Research facilities
  • Mission Critical Infrastructure (Defence / IT / Border Control)
  • Public Safety (Jails, Prisons, Courthouses, Police Stations)
  • Public Assembly / Civic Assets
  • Highways, Roads, Transit (BRT) & Tunnels
  • Transit Oriented Developments (TODs)
  • Light Rail (LRT), Rail, rolling stock and infrastructure
  • Utility Infrastructure (WWTP, desalination, waste to energy, street lighting)

Featured Projects